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The New Axis of Evil                                
1)  DC Politicians                                                    
2)  The Federal Reserve Banksters
3)  The Main Stream Media
4)  Corporatocracy
The Creature From Jekyll Island 

A Horror story about the FEDERAL RESERVE
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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 

The Wizard of Oz was not just a children's fantasy story. The Oz Story contained hidden meanings regrading America's Monetary and Political systems. And after 115 years the pyschopaths in Washington, DC are still in control. Click to read if you dare to find out that nothing has changed in 115 years regarding America's corrupt banking and politcal system.

Gold the Barbaric Relic

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Hoping to make Washington DCers an endanaged species
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West Collins is a disgraced New York City journalist obsessed with solving the Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. A theory, he believes, will explain why the world seems hell bent on self-destructing.

His desperate search for answers entangles him with a centuries old, mysterious shadow group called The Dracun who have succeeded in controlling society by creating a virtual prison where freedom is a manufactured illusion. 

As West falls further down the rabbit hole, he battles a cadre of vicious state agents secretly controlled by The Dracun. The world might have been conquered by the elite ruling class but it is owned by The Dracun. And with no one left to fight, The Dracun has declared war on its last remaining enemy—America.

​Welcome to the world of our future. Where the crash hasn’t yet occurred, only a slow, agonizing crumble. With the world teetering on the abyss and The Unraveling rapidly approaching, West makes a remarkable discovery that will change everything.

The Unraveling is a dystopian conspiracy thriller where good and evil, freedom and tyranny are false realities in a society locked in perpetual upheaval and decay.

One reader described The Unraveling: “It is where 1984 meets Alice in Wonderland in The Matrix.”

Below are free short stories and essays ranging on topics from The Federal Reserve, Multiverses, fictional stories, and essays. All hopefully entertaining. The articles are not in alphabetical order due to my lack of technical experience with this web software. Enjoy!
1)The Creature From Jeckyll Island            5) The Shining's Hidden Meaning          9) COVID-19: THE SPARTACUS LETTER
   aka The Federal Reserve                                                                                            Taken from ZEROHEDGE via The Automatic Earth Blog
​                                                                    6) The Underachiever's Manifesto              Click for link to PDF 
2) The Powerful Wizard of Oz Debt            
                                                                    7) Vlad Dracul
3) Gold: The Barbaric Relic                        
​                                                                    8) Poe's World 
4) The Greatest Photo Ever-Hubble

The Hubble Deepfield photo is the most awe-inspiring, the most magnificent picture that has ever been taken in the history of mankind.
The image of just a tiny pinprick portion of space cpatures over 16,000 galaxies that contain trillions of stars in a single photo.

"That the statistical probability that organic structures, living conscious organisms could be generated by accident in this universe is zero." 
  -Nobel Prize Winner Ilya Progogninble

So You think you know the hidden meaning behind the horror classic The Shining? Some have speculated that the movie's underlying theme was about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Conspiracy, treatment of native American Indians, or the Illumaniti.

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Sometimes when you read a book it changes your life and today I am going to share with you a book that changed my life and I am confident it will change your life as well.

The book is titled—The Underachiever’s Manifesto: The guide to accomplishing little and feeling great.


Who doesn’t love Werewolves, Ghouls, Goblins, Spooks and Monsters? And in today’s culture probably the most favorite creature of the unliving are those blood-sucking atrocities known as Vampires.
And we can all be thankful to Bram Stoker and his gothic masterpiece Dracula for the creation of the Vampire legend. From his pen sprang the character Count Dracula who would leave his coffin at sundown to feed upon the innocent blood of the living. Many historians believe that Bram Stoker’s story was actually based upon a real life prince named Vlad Dracul III who ruled a portion of Romania during the 15th Century. The history of Vlad Dracul is surrounded by intrigue, myths, contradictions and death.
Enter Poe's World if you dare. While stationed at Fort Moultrie in Charleston, South Carolina Poe writes the legendary short story titled Goldbug's Island. In the story Poe uses a code that if deciphered is supposed to lead Captain's Kid's Treasure. 
Or will it? Perhaps the code was a ruse used by Poe to uncover something more sinister than hidden treasure. 
Perhaps the code leads to a parallel universe. A world being created by Poe's macabre imagination.